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Æthelwulf 54 Æthelwulf ‘of Carworgie’ (Cornw.), fl. 1086

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Æthelwulf 54 held a small at Carworgie in mid Cornwall in 1086.

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The small manor of Carworgie in mid Cornwall, which had been held TRE by the great regional magnate Beorhtric son of Ælfgar (Beorhtric 36) and after the Conquest passed with the rest of his lands to Queen Matilda, had come after the queen’s death in 1083 to Aiulf and was listed in DB among the king’s manors. In 1086 it was assessed at 1 virgate and worth 7s. 8d.; and it owed a customary payment of 8d. a year to the church of St Petroc at Bodmin.

Aiulf the chamberlain had no manors west of the eastern extremities of Devon, so can hardly have been the holder of Carworgie. Its very small size recommends the view that its holder was English rather than a Norman incomer. Carworgie is some 25 miles from the east Conrwall manors held TRE by Æthelwulf 50, and Æthelwulf 54 was very probably a different person.

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