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Hunmann 5 ‘of Winchester’ (Hampshire), fl. c. 1057

Author: DWP
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Hunmann 5 held a tenement in Winchester TRE, where he was presumably a burgess.

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According to the Winton Domesday, a tenement on the north side of High Street in Winchester was held TRE (probably c.1057) by Hunmann 5, for which he rendered ‘all the customs’ (WD: 9-10, 34).  It is probable that Hunmann was a burgess of the city, although Winton Domesday does not say so explicitly.  By c.1110 this tenement was divided between the abbess of Winchester and a man who may have been a royal constable, but this need not imply that Hunmann had been connected with either the abbey or the office.

Despite the extreme rarity of his name, Hunmann 5’s tenement was too small and too far removed for any connection with anyone else of the name to be considered.


WD: ‘The Winton Domesday’, ed. and trans. Frank Barlow, in Winchester in the Early Middle Ages: An Edition and Discussion of the Winton Domesday, ed. Martin Biddle, Winchester Studies 1 (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1976), 1–141

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