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Æscwulf 2 Æscwulf ‘of Landican’ (Ches.)

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Æscwulf 2 was a locally important thegn in west Cheshire whose two manors were assessed at 10 hides and worth £4 10 shillings.

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The two manors can be confidently assigned to the same person. The name Æscwulf occurs only here in DB, and neither Earl Hugh’s retention of one of them in his own hands nor the distance between them (some 14 miles) undermines that confidence. They were of broadly similar size and Æscwulf was the only holder at both vills.

An assessment of 10 hides placed Æscwulf among the dozen or so most important thegns in Cheshire in 1066 (Lewis 1991a: 15). His larger manor, Landican, was a parochial centre on Wirral; Dunham on the Hill lay between the lower Gowy and the wooded central Cheshire ridge.



Lewis 1991a: C. P. Lewis, 'An Introduction to the Cheshire Domesday', in The Cheshire Domesday, ed. A. Williams and R. W. H. Erskine (London, 1990), 1–25

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