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Æthelrun 2 Æthelrun ‘of Yatton’ (Som.), fl. 1066

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Discussion of the name  


Æthelrun 2 was a small landowner in north Somerset whose single hide of land was worth an estimated 20s.

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Æthelrun appears only once as a pre-Conquest landowner, at Yatton in north Somerset, and is mentioned only in Exon (159b2), not in GDB. She held 1 hide ‘jointly’ (pariter), though with whom the text does not say; presumably her holding was in some way dependent upon the main and much larger TRE holding in Yatton, that of John the Dane (John 37). Exon adds that pasture called Wemberham ‘lies with’ Æthelrun’s hide (Cum ista hida quam tenuit Ailrun iacet .i. pascua quae uocatur Weimorham). The natural reading of that phrase is that Wemberham was physically located alongside Æthelrun’s hide, which would place her land west of Yatton along the river Yeo.

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