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Dæging 2 Dæging ‘of Marche’ (Salop.), fl. 1066

Author: CPL
Editorial Status: 4 of 5

Discussion of the name


Dæging 2 was a small landowner on the Welsh border of Shropshire, one of three who shared 3 virgates worth 9s.

Distribution map of property and lordships associated with this name in DB

List of property and lordships associated with this name in DB

Holder 1066

Shire Phil. ref. Vill Holder 1066 DB Spelling Holder 1066 Lord 1066 Tenant-in-Chief 1086 1086 subtenant Fiscal value 1066 value 1086 value Holder 1066 ID conf. Show on map
Shropshire 4,4,17 Marche Dainz Dæging 'of Marche' - Roger, earl Roger fitzCorbet 0.25 0.15 0.08 A Map
Total               0.25 0.15 0.08  


The name Dæging occurs only once in DB. He was named second of the three men who held 3 manors at Marche, a vill in an upland valley of south Shropshire, not far from the Welsh border below the Long Mountain and the Breidden. The owners of the other manors, Leofgeat and Wyngeat shared a final name-element (though it was a common one); Wyngeat and almost certainly Leofgeat also held land only at Marche. A further, and larger, manor there belonged to the more substantial landowner named Ælfric (Salop. 4.5:10). With probably a single virgate worth 3s., Dæging was evidently a peasant landowner.

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