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Æscræd 4 Æscræd ‘of Appleton’ (Kent)

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Discussion of the name



Æscræd 4 was a small landowner in east Kent with a single manor of 1 sulung worth the disproportionate sum of £5.

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Holder 1066

Shire Phil. ref. Vill Holder 1066 DB Spelling Holder 1066 Lord 1066 Tenant-in-Chief 1086 1086 subtenant Fiscal value 1066 value 1086 value Holder 1066 ID conf. Show on map
Kent 5,194 Appleton Ascored Æscræd 'of Appleton' Edward, king Odo, bishop of Bayeux Ralph de Courbépine 2.00 5.00 2.00 A Map
Total               2.00 5.00 2.00  



The name Æscræd occurs only once in DB, holding a manor of 1 sulung on the Downs 3 miles north of Dover at Appleton. Appleton later formed a small detached part of the parish of Waldershare and lay on thin, chalky, infertile soils. In 1086 there were only two ploughteams at work on the manor, operated by 6 bordars, which fits with a value of 40s. The much higher TRE valuation of 100s. seems extraordinary and may reflect extensive demesne sheep farming by Æscræd in 1066, unrecorded in DB.

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