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Æthelræd 72 Æthelræd ‘of Stelling’ (Kent)

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Æthelræd 72 was a relatively small landowner in east Kent, whose two manors were assessed at only ¾ sulung but worth £6.

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Two small manors a few miles outside Canterbury probably belonged to the same Æthelræd simply on grounds of proximity. Shalmsford was on the Great Stour 4 miles upstream from the city and Stelling 5 miles away on the high land rising into the North Downs. There were no other holdings in either place. The two manors included arable for only 2½ ploughs, but common sheep pasture on the Downs in Stelling may well have been important. Each place was worth 60s. in 1066. The small scale of the two manors recommends the idea that their owner was not the important west Kent thegn Æthelræd of Yalding (Æthelræd 71) whose estates lay some 25 miles away, though it is not inconceivable that a powerful thegn from the west of the county had somehow acquired smaller estates near Canterbury.

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