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Æthelwulf 51 Æthelwulf ‘of Giffords Hele’ (Devon)

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Æthelwulf 51 was a small landowner in west Devon with three manors assessed at less than 1 hide and worth £2 10s. TRE; in 1086 he remained as Iudichael of Totnes’s subtenant on one of them, now worth only £1.

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Æthelwulf 51 is identified on the basis of the proximity of the three west Devon manors attributed to his name. The largest, Giffords Hele, lay in the valley of the Torridge, about 8 miles north of Kimber, which stood over 300 feet higher on one of the head-streams of a tributary of the Torridge. Lidemore (Liclemore in Exon) was in the same hundred as Kimber (Torrington) and has been mapped quite close to it, but the hundred stretched as far as the Cornish border, and Iudichael of Totnes’s other manors in the hundred were on its western side, so that Lidemore may in fact have been as close to the Cornish manors assigned to Æthelwulf 50 as to Kimber and Giffords Hele. Over 25 miles separates Æthelwulf 50’s Tremail from Æthelwulf 51’s Giffords Hele, and it seem unlikely that all five rather small places belonged to the same person, but conceivably Lidemore should be attached to the Cornish Æthelwulf 50 rather than the Devonian Æthelwulf 51.

Æthelwulf 51 survived as Iudichael of Totnes’s subtenant at Lidemore, his estates as a whole reduced in value from £2 10s. in 1066 to just £1. He had two ploughs at Lidemore in 1086 but no other details of the manor’s resources are recorded.

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