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Agemund 13 Agemund ‘of Tinsley’ (Yorks. WR), fl. 1066

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Agemund 13 was a small landowner in the southern part of the West Riding of Yorkshire who was one of three men sharing a vill and its associated sokeland of 9 carucates worth £4.

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The vill of Tinsley and its associate sokeland 2 miles away at Orgreave, near the southern boundary of Yorkshire, belonged as three manors in 1066 to Ulfkil, Agemund, and Arnkil. Tinsley was assessed at 5 carucates and Orgreave at 4 carucates, and the whole was worth £4. Although DB recorded it on the fief of Roger de Bully, the Yorkshire Summary listed 7 bovates in Tinsley as belonging instead to the king in 1086, with the remaining 8 carucates 1 bovate as Bully’s (Yorks. SW:Sf6–7). Those 7 bovates were presumably either one of the three manors at Tinsley or a distinct part of the sokeland at Orgreave. Tinsley is far enough from the Lincolnshire estates of Agemund 7 and the other Five Boroughs Agemunds for the question of their identity not to arise.

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