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Atilic 2 Atilic ‘of Cooksey’ (Worcs.), fl. 1066

Author: CPL
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Discussion of the name


Atilic 2 was a small landowner in north Worcestershire who held one of two manors which together comprised 2 hides worth 45s.

Distribution map of property and lordships associated with this name in DB

List of property and lordships associated with this name in DB


The difficult name Atilic occurs only once in DB, Alwine and Atilic holding two manors at Cooksey in north Worcestershire. The entry originally had Alwine as the sole owner, with 7 Atilic being an addition which runs into the margin, the verb changed to the plural tenuerunt over an erasure (presumably tenuit), and the number of manors also changed. Two Norman subtenants of Urse d’Abitot held the 2 hides of Cooksey in 1086, and two distinct manors, Great Cooksey and Little Cooksey, can be traced later in the Middle Ages (VCH Worcs. III, 232).


VCH Worcs. III: The Victoria History of the Counties of England: The Victoria History of the County of Worcester, ed. J. W. Willis-Bund, H. Arthur Doubleday, and William Page, 4 vols and index (London, 1901–26)

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