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Agemund 11 Agemund ‘of Clifton’ (Notts.), fl. 1066x1086

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Agemund 11 was a small landowner in east Nottinghamshire who became a tenant of the bishop of Lincoln after the Conquest and retained his 2½ bovates, marked down from 10 shillings to 6 shillings.

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In 1066 an Agemund owned 2½ bovates at Clifton, on the river Trent in east Nottinghamshire and not very far from the extensive scattered estates of the Lincoln lawman Agemund son of Walraven (Agemund 7). There is no reason to think, however, that the latter was the owner of Clifton, since the man at Clifton survived in 1086 as a tenant of the bishop of Lincoln, whereas Agemund 7 was not recorded as holding any rural property at the time of the Domesday Survey. Agemund 11 farmed his scrap of demesne in 1086 with ‘2 oxen in a ploughteam’, and had 2 villans under him with the same number of ploughbeasts.

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