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Leofgifu 7  Leofgifu ‘of Nettleton’, fl. 1066x1086

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Leofgifu 7 held a single manor in Lincolnshire TRE and which she retained in 1086, when she was listed last among the ‘other thegns’ in that county. Her manor was assessed at 5 bovates and valued at 20s TRE.

Distribution map of property and lordships associated with this name in DB

List of property and lordships associated with this name in DB


The fact that Nettleton was a small estate and lay well to the north of any other estate held by someone called Leofgifu TRE, together with the observation that this was the only estate that Domesday Book records as being held by someone called Leofgifu in both TRE and 1086, places it beyond reasonable doubt that this was the sole estate of this particular individual, Leofgifu 7. Although Leofgifu 7 was listed in the chapter dealing with the ‘Land of Svartbrandr and other thegns’ in Lincolnshire in DB, her position at the end of the chapter and the smallness of her holding (less than one hide, rather than being of at least five hides) make it unlikely that she was in fact a thegn.


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