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Agemund 9 Agemund priest of St Michael’s, Lincoln, fl. 1086

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Agemund 9 was evidently the parish priest of St Michael’s church in Lincoln, and thus owned the church’s ½ carucate in Riseholme just outside the city. It was worth 10 shillings in 1066 and 5 shillings in 1086.

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The Agemund who held ½ carucate at Riseholme barely 2 miles north of Lincoln along Ermine Street was explicitly a priest who survived the Conquest and was listed among the king’s thegns in 1086. He was thus distinct from the prominent Lincoln lawman Agemund 7. The DB entry adds that the land in question ‘belongs to the church of St Michael’, which can be plausibly identified as the Lincoln parish church of that name (Hill 1948: 130). Agemund can thus be presumed the parish priest of St Michael’s. He farmed his small holding at Riseholme with one plough in 1086.



Hill 1948: J. W. F. Hill, Medieval Lincoln (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1948)

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