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Agemund 8 Agemund ‘of Pickworth’ (Lincs.), fl. 1066

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Agemund 8 was a small landowner in south Lincolnshire who held one of two manors and sokeland assessed altogether at about 2½ carucates and worth 40 shillings.

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An Agemund held one of two manors at Pickworth on the claylands of Kesteven in southern Lincolnshire, the other manor there being in the hands of Swein. The manor was held in 1086 by Jocelin ‘the bishop’s man’ from William de Saint-Calais, bishop of Durham. It is conceivable that Jocelin was Jocelin fitzLambert, successor of Agemund son of Walraven (Agemund 7) in north Lincolnshire, and thus that the holder of Pickworth was Agemund 7: further research on the descent of the manor of Pickworth might provide confirmation or (less likely) a convincing rebuttal. For the moment, however, three points can be made against the identification. First, Agemund’s co-holder at Pickworth, Swein, does not appear elsewhere in association with Agemund 7. Second, there is no evidence that Jocelin fitzLambert was the bishop’s man. Third, Jocelin fitzLambert appears elsewhere in the bishop’s Domesday return distinguished by name and byname: he and the bishop shared half a church at Blyborough (Lincs. 3:4) in a way which suggests that he was independent of the bishop, rather than his man. The name Jocelin was common enough in 1086 for it not to be necessary to identify all Lincolnshire Jocelins as the same person. The cumulative evidence points to there being several Agemunds in the territory of the Five Boroughs in 1066.

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