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Blæc 3 Blæc ‘of Easton’ (Beds.), fl. 1066

Author: CPL
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Blæc 3 was a small landowner in north Bedfordshire, the holder of a single virgate worth 3s. and commended to a fellow villager.

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Holder 1066

Shire Phil. ref. Vill Holder 1066 DB Spelling Holder 1066 Lord 1066 Tenant-in-Chief 1086 1086 subtenant Fiscal value 1066 value 1086 value Holder 1066 ID conf. Show on map
Bedfordshire 17,6 Easton Blach Blæc 'of Easton' Augi William de Warenne - 0.25 0.15 0.10 A Map
Total               0.25 0.15 0.10  



The name Blæc occurs only twice in DB, at widely separated places where there is no other reason to make a connection. One of them was in the Bedfordshire vill of Easton, a detached part of the shire surrounded by Huntingdonshire which probably extended beyond the later parish (Phill. Beds.: note 3,6). Blæc had a single virgate comprising land for 2 oxen worth 3s. but had the power to alienate his land. He was commended to Augi, who was resident in the same vill but had only 1½ hides and was himself commended to the king’s thegn Eskil of Ware (Eskil 2).



Phill. Beds.: Domesday Book, ed. John Morris, 20: Bedfordshire (Chichester: Phillimore, 1977)

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