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Brun 28 Brun Father of Ælfric, ?d. by 1066

Author: CPL
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  Discussion of the name  


Brun 28 appears only in a patronymic byname as the father of Ælfric son of Brun, who in 1066 was a free man commended to the great Suffolk thegn Wihtgar son of Ælfric (Wihtgar 10) and holding 1 carucate in the king’s soke at Creeting St Peter (Suff. 16:11). Creeting is in the Gipping valley north-west of Ipswich, within 2 or 3 miles of the small estates held by Brun 19, the reeve of Ipswich. It is possible that this Ælfric was the reeve’s son, but the name Brun was common in Suffolk in the late eleventh century and the identification is here regarded as less than 50 per cent likely.

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