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Brun 18 Brun Priest, ‘of Cadwell’ (Oxon.), fl. 1066x1086

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Brun 18 was a priest who held 3 virgates of land in south Oxfordshire directly from King William in 1086 and had held the same land before 1066. Its value rose over that period from 20s. to 30s.

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Brun the priest was listed among the ‘other clerks’ who held land direct from King William in Oxfordshire in 1086. He had 3 virgates at Cadwell, a small place on one of the streams below the Chiltern escarpment, and had held the same land before 1066.

Cadwell was later reckoned a tithing in the parish of Brightwell Baldwin (Lewis 1831: I, 300), but it is not certain that Brun was the parish priest of Brightwell. The nineteenth-century parish boundary between Brightwell and its northern neighbour Chalgrove follows a course which suggests that Cadwell was originally a separate territory which was eventually added to Brightwell (Kain and Oliver 2001: nos. 29/286–7 and 294). In any case, Brun is more likely to have been a king’s priest, perhaps based at a minster church, rather than a local parish priest.


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