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1066 holderShirePhil. ref.Vill1066 lord1086 TIC1086 subtenantFiscal value1066 value (text)1066 value (proxy)1086 value
Eadgifu wife of Sigered BuckinghamshireB8BuckinghamMainou the Breton No subtenant0.
Eadgifu the fair Buckinghamshire13:1MentmoreHugh earl Robert 18.0014.0014.0012.00
Eadgifu Buckinghamshire5:7Eaton LeysGeoffrey bishop of Coutances No subtenant10.0010.0010.008.00
Eadgifu Buckinghamshire5:8Little LinfordGeoffrey bishop of Coutances Eadgifu
Eadgifu Buckinghamshire5:2LudgershallEadgyth queen Geoffrey bishop of Coutances No subtenant9.
Eadgifu wife of Wulfweard Buckinghamshire14:14Wotton UnderwoodWalter Giffard Ralph
Eadgifu wife of Wulfweard Buckinghamshire5:1WorminghallEadgyth queen Geoffrey bishop of Coutances Robert
Eadgifu the fair Cambridgeshire14:61WooddittonAlan count Wighen de Mara
Eadgifu Cambridgeshire14:64Swaffham BulbeckAlan count knight
Eadgifu Cambridgeshire14:55SwaveseyAlan count No subtenant10.0013.8013.8012.30
Eadgifu the fair Cambridgeshire14:7West WickhamAlan count No subtenant2.008.008.0010.00
Eadgifu Cambridgeshire14:59LandbeachAlan count Walter 2.251.501.503.25
Eadgifu the fair Cambridgeshire14:9BarhamAlan count Morin 1.503.003.003.00
Eadgifu the fair Cambridgeshire1:12ExningWilliam king Godric 13.5056.0056.0053.00
Eadgifu the fair Cambridgeshire14:5HorseheathAlan count No subtenant2.635.005.004.00
Eadgifu the fair Cambridgeshire14:8BarhamAlan count Ansketil de Fourneaux 2.889.009.009.00
Eadgifu Cambridgeshire14:78Burrough GreenAlan count No subtenant5.0010.0010.009.00
Eadgifu the fair Cambridgeshire14:74WickenAlan count No subtenant7.006.006.0014.00
Eadgifu Cambridgeshire14:60Dry DraytonAlan count monks Swavesey priory3.
Eadgifu the fair Cambridgeshire14:19DuxfordAlan count Gerard the Lotharingian

Listing records 1 - 20 of 92

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Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England

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